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                Tel: +86-21-52354623
                Fax: +86-21-52354630
                Mobile: +86-13916023995
                Add.: Room 405, Lvdihechuang Mansion 450#, Caoyang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China
                P.C.: 200063
                Website: /


                Shanghai Jianbei Organic Chemical Co., Ltd. is a compre-
                hensive organic chemical company engaged in the manuf-
                acture, research, development and sales. Our company was founded in 1996. Our operational principle is "on the basis of human resources, creating business and conduc ting inno-
                vation, pursuing excellency and repaying the society".

                We stick to the service principle of "credit first, and service first", and provide customers with high quality, high class products and complete and comprehensive service...


                Main products
                  Alkyl amines: Ethylamine, Diethylamine, Triethylamine, Propylamine, Dipropylamine  More...
                  Organic aldehyde series: N-Butyraldehyde, Isobutyraldehyde        More...
                  Organic ketones series: Propiophenone More...
                  Comprehensive series: Ethyl butyrate Propyl acetate 2-Propyl acetate    More...
                  methyl isobutyl carbinol
                  Senior chemical salesman
                management director

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